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Is there a book, play, or Hollywood's hottest script inside of you? Do you dream of being on stage, playing piano, or burlesque dancing to your Ted Talk, yet find that something keeps stopping you from taking action? Join the hundreds of folks who have already worked with me and discovered the magic within themselves. It's time to let creativity take a starring role in your life. There is no better time than now!

I love everything about Jen’s CRxEATIVITY! As an artist, I feel most alive when I am working on my craft with others. Jen’s ability to bring out the healing powers of creativity in her workshop and the wonderful community of artists she has made is magnificent. I am so grateful to be a part of it and I would recommend it to anyone who does best when art is surrounding them.

Hey there! I'm Jen. 

I've been facilitating Artist's Way groups since 2010. When I was at a low point in my life, I picked up a copy of The Artist's Way and it led me not only to a highly fulfilling acting career, but as a coach who uses The Artist's Way to help clients discover the keys to unlocking their creativity.

  • Exciting thing I'm working on? Masters in Psych

  • Currently binging? Fleabag, again.

  • Ocean or mountains? Mountains, with a view of the ocean

  • Coffee or wine? Both. How do you think I'm getting through grad school during a pandemic, and distance learning with two littles?

  • What's getting me through 2020? Writing every morning, my kids (when they're not bouncing off the walls ), and the built in support systems of the CRxEATIVITY online groups. 

I've worked with Jen Seifert for over 20 years in numerous productions and educational events. I've regarded her as a very funny actor (and person) who could also hold down Shakespeare with the best of them. I've long admired that both she and her husband are teachers and that while pursuing the "Hollywood dream", she dedicated much of her life to educating children in the LAUSD. The LAUSD's arts funding is practically non-existent, but Jen manages to make her students feel as though they are the most well-funded program in the country. I'm proud to call her a colleague and friend.

Ameenah Kaplan, Actress/Producer/Director known for Avengers: Infinity War,
Avengers: Endgame, and Grey's Anatomy


And why are folks raving?

CRxEATIVITY’s Artist’s Way groups are now a hybrid of Jennifer Seifert’s own social/emotional curriculum and creativity coaching, hands on creations and writing, and a navigation through Julia Cameron’s The Artist’s Way in a 12-week creative recovery program.

  • CRxEATIVITY has shifted to an online platform, (although, will eventually go back to “in person” meetings as well), the artists have discovered that the process can be more flexible and include physical exploration, as everyone participating is in the comfort of their own homes. 

  • Discussions of Brene Brown’s work, and Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic have become an important part of the connection that occurs within the 12 week program, and the leaps, and breakthroughs that artists have made throughout the years, (both in person and online), have been nothing short of incredible.

  • Past participants and CRxEATIVITY Festival performers  have gone on to be nominated for Emmy Awards, write and direct films, produce and star in web-series (that have then been sold),nominated for Tony Awards, win OFTA Awards, design costumes for film and music stars, speak for TED Talks, book series regular roles on TV shows, create websites, and a host of other creative projects which help to find some semblance of balance and joy in this creative, beautiful life. 

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Working with Jen literally changed my life.  Stuck and depressed for years, I was encouraged by a friend to sign up for one of Jen's Artists' Way groups.  In that 13 weeks, I met myself again.  A me I had not been in literal decades began to emerge as bright and happy and creative as she'd ever been. 


Blaire Chandler


Work with Jen in any way you can.  Your best self will thank you.


I recently did a 12 week Artist's Way group with Jen and it was simply amazing. Jen led the group with a perfect blend of motivation, humor and insight. The group completely bonded and everyone experienced growth and realization in one way or another.  I was on the fence about joining as sharing with strangers is generally out of my comfort zone, but I am immensely grateful that I did.

Tina Poppy

Documentary Filmmaker

This class helped me as much or more than years of therapy. ​

Lexi G


I did the Artist's Way class with Jennifer and it truly helped me re-connect with my inner artist! I needed the accountability of the group to get through the book and the creative process. She always brings such wonderful groups of people together.


Jen's Artist's Way workshop was transformative in deepening my work as a photographer. The group setting deepened my commitment to the work and created an incredible support net that will continue long past the 12 week course. Jen facilitates the group with great compassion, wisdom and respect for the interplay of the artistic process with the human condition. ~ KM




Connie Flores


Trust me you're gonna love it! 


Jennifer Seifert was instrumental in getting me out of my rut. I am an actress and was experiencing a slum of low self esteem and no drive. Her Artist Way workshop kick started my creative juices and reignited my passion for acting. With months of taking her workshop I booked several Commercials, print ads and films including Award winning film Marriage Story.


While it's true that we are not currently gathering in person, there are many positive aspects to holding our weekly sessions online. Here is how our online group sessions work:


    Classes are held via Zoom, once a week at the same day and time each week. Reminders will be sent out before each session. 


    In between classes, I will be communicating via email with homework assignments, etc.


    CRxEATIVITY is at the heart of this group. A festival to showcase what each Artist Way group creates. 


    Come join a supportive and creative community who are wanting to meet you!


    One of the things that make these groups so powerful is the support of like minded individuals coming together in creativity. This is where the real magic happens. 


    It is my priority to create a safe and inclusive space for truth, exploration, expression, and belonging.


      Re-ignite your creative fire and passion and be filled with inspiration that will drive you forward. 


      Making art is not about being the best artist, it's about being true to you and your story. 

    • GET READY...

      You will not be the same person on the other side of these twelve weeks. 

    I love Jen’s work with the Artist's Way book. It’s a favorite book of mine for working through blocks, setting intentions and resetting your goals. Jen is someone I know and trust. Very rarely do I come across artists who know how to lead other artists without a personal agenda or some kind of confusing cross section of motives. Jen is that rare teacher, guide, mentor and coach who I would feel comfortable sharing my process with without hesitation, not just because she does so with kindness and respect, but because she’s been there in your shoes and continues to practice the work herself. 

    Michelle Krusiec, Actress/Producer/Writer


    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    What is CRxEATIVITY Artist Way Groups?

    What if I'm not creative?

    Do I already need to be an artist to benefit?

    What do I need to take this class?

    Will there be homework?

    A little, but nothing is required.  All tasks are done at your pace.

    What if I can't make the time of the class?

    What happens if I miss a class?

    Will I be graded?

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