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Artist's Way Group

12-weeks to creative recovery using Julia Cameron's Book The Artist's Way combined with Jennifer Seifert's social/emotional curriculum



ready for the next level masterclass?

Participants must have already taken the CRxEATIVITY's Artist's Way Group to Qualify for LEAP



The “discovery of purpose” follow up to The Artist’s Way (by Julia Cameron), and will be taught by CRxEATIVITY’s Jennifer Seifert, and artist/ maker Jennifer Colliau.  The 8 week workshop is only open to participants  who have completed the twelve weeks of The Artist’s Way through CRxEATIVITY, are ready to stop procrastinating, and take the “leap” in the direction of their dreams, action, synchronicity and more joy. Excerpts from Big Magic, by Elizabeth Gilbert, Atomic Habits by James Clear, Burn Out  by Emily and Amelia Nagoski, Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott  and The Practice by Seth Godin will be explored in the 8 weeks together. There will also be accountability threads, writing prompts, and meditations to practice during the time in between meetings.


While it's true that we are not currently gathering in person, there are many positive aspects to holding our weekly sessions online. Here is how our online group sessions work:


    Classes are held via Zoom, once a week at the same day and time each week. Reminders will be sent out before each session. 


    In between classes, I will be communicating via email with homework assignments, etc.


    CRxEATIVITY is at the heart of this group. A festival to showcase what each Artist Way group creates. 


    Come join a supportive and creative community who are wanting to meet you!


    One of the things that make these groups so powerful is the support of like minded individuals coming together in creativity. This is where the real magic happens. 


    It is my priority to create a safe and inclusive space for truth, exploration, expression, and belonging.


      Re-ignite your creative fire and passion and be filled with inspiration that will drive you forward. 


      Making art is not about being the best artist, it's about being true to you and your story. 

    • GET READY...

      You will not be the same person on the other side of these twelve weeks. 


    Here are a few answers to our most common questions

    What is CRxEATIVITY Artist Way Groups?

    What if I'm not creative?

    Do I already need to be an artist to benefit?

    What do I need to take this class?

    Will there be homework?

    A little, but nothing is required.  All tasks are done at your pace.

    What if I can't make the time of the class?

    What happens if I miss a class?

    Will I be graded?