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This class is transformative, healing, supportive, life-giving, joyful, fun, insightful and expansive.

         Stephanie Stephenson

The Artist's Way, a book written by Julia Cameron, is an incredibly powerful 12 week program that propels artists toward creative recovery.  Within the safety of the group, we read and review exercises outlined in the book, journal and share our artist dates.  I have experienced it myself and witnessed the artists in these groups enthusiastically immerse themselves in the flow of this work, resulting in projects, collaborations and deep friendships.  We all dive into the tasks together, and goal set in a supportive environment that also serves us in our accountability.  Besides the incredible support participants receive in the groups, we also invite guest speakers who have made Julia Cameron's words their life's practice.

Art can be an extremely isolating journey as the artist focuses inward to find and plumb the depths of her creativity.  The Artist’s Way is constructed around Group Work to help break through this isolation.  Group Work is beneficial to the artist in a variety of ways.  It can provide a supportive environment in which artist feels safe to share her ideas.  Talking about ideas can help the artist to see the strengths and weaknesses of their ideas better.   Group work can provide the artist with a variety of perspectives that can help her to see her ideas in a new light that would have been impossible by herself.  And supportive Group Work can also hold an artist accountable when setting goals towards realizing her ideas and taking actionable steps towards reaching them.

The Artist's Way Guest Speakers


The Artist's Way Groups

Mondays 7:45-10:00 pm


 February 10, 2020


Thursdays 7:45-10:00pm


February 13, 2020

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