In 2017, Jennifer and CRxEATIVITY took the concept of “Healing through Creativity” one step further in the presentation of the 1st CRxEATIVITY Festival.  A week long stay at Huntington Hospital inspired her to jump in to creation, and resulted in the 1st CRxEATIVITY Festival showcasing visual art, films, storytelling, catered gourmet hors deurves  and over 150 attendees. 


Jennifer then aligned herself with LA Shakti, a fashion designer, and produced the CRxEATIVITY Shakti Festival that focused on Women and empowerment during the summer of 2018.  Performers and artists have included, Ovation award winner, Christine Sage, Tony Nominated Actor Rory O’Malley, TedTalk speakers Matt Weinstein and Megan Dolan Wingate and advocate for women’s rights, Victoria Valentino.


In a matter of three years, CRxEATIVITY, along with participants of the Artist’s Way, TedTalk Pasadena Women, the Cancer Support Community, Lunch on Me and Moms Demand Action, produced four CRxEATIVITY Festivals and closing  2019 with “Laughter- The Rx With No Co-Pay.” Jennifer and CRxEATIVITY are eager to revisit  and produce the Festival again, as an all day event, come 2021. 

The CRxEATIVITY festivals are community celebrations for artists.  They bring together different kinds of artists to show their work and perform, and help raise money for a worthy cause. Many of the participants and attendees have gone through the Artist’s Way Classes with Jennifer Seifert.  I love the spirit of  generosity and support for each other.  These events always leave me feeling inspired, and grateful to be a part of an artistic community.

Stephanie Stephenson

Jen is a fierce and humble leader who gathers an inspiring and supportive group of artists through the Artist’s Way. The community she creates is a group of incredibly supportive, authentic and wonderful people that I am so grateful for. Not only is her Artist’s Way course amazing, but she throws the most epic event called CRxEATIVITY Festival. The talent, art, and food was incredible across the board, and the event itself had us inspired, crying of laughter, uplifted, and encouraged by the wonderful artists and community in LA!


Alisha Zalkin

Jen's CRxEATIVITY festivals are beyond amazing!! So mind blowing how she puts it all together and helps raise money for such great causes while having an entertaining, fun, creative and beautiful event!!

Jen is the real deal. She's no fuss. No BS, but just has a kind, open heart & mind, that wants to help you release your blocks, take risks, believe in yourself and live the life you're meant to!!


Angela Sanders

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